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Cytoscape.js-fcose 2.0.0 released

fCoSE 2.0.0 has been released. This release

  • adds support for user-specified placement constraints,
  • allows per-element values for some layout options, and
  • fixes miscellaneous bugs.

Constraint support

fCoSE now supports user-specified placement constraints as well as its full support for compound graphs. These constraints may be defined for simple nodes. Supported constraint types are:

  • Fixed node constraint: The user may provide exact desired positions for a set of nodes called fixed nodes.
Fixed node constraint
An example of fixed node constraints
  • Alignment constraint: This constraint aims to align two or more nodes (with respect to their centers) vertically or horizontally.
Fixed node constraint
An example of alignment constraints
  • Relative placement constraint: The user may constrain the position of a node relative to another node in either vertical or horizontal direction.
Fixed node constraint
An example of relative placement constraints

These constraints can also be added incrementally on a given layout while maintaining the user’s mental map.

Fixed node constraint
An example of adding constraints incrementally

A demo page can be accessed here to try out the layout interactively. A series of videos showing fCoSE layout in action is available in YouTube.

Per-element values for layout options

fCoSE now also supports per-element values for nodeRepulsion, idealEdgeLength and edgeElasticity options via functions. This feature gives more flexibility to the users while laying out their graphs.

Fixed node constraint
An example of a layout that uses edge weights as the ideal edge length

Please report any feature request or bug report about fCoSE here.

Thank you for using Cytoscape.js.