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Ending support of Cytoscape.js 2.x

It has been over a year since version 3.0.0 of Cytoscape.js was released. We have maintained version 2.x of the library in parallel with patch releases in 3.x: Over 10 patch releases of 2.x contained backported bug fixes from the 3.x releases.

As the changes to the codebase have become more extensive, the cost of backporting issues has steadily increased. In order to focus our efforts on bringing you new releases of Cytoscape.js 3.x with new features and improved performance, we have decided to drop support of version 2.x. There will be no further releases to 2.x beyond 2.7.29.

We encourage updating to version 3.2.14 or later of the library in apps that are under active development. We have a guide to help you upgrade.

Thank you for using Cytoscape.js!