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Announcing Cytoscape.js 3.1.0

Cytoscape.js 3.1 has been released. This change brings with it several new features and performance enhancements. Some notable new features include:

  • Allow for background image properties to be specified as multiples (i.e. arrays or space separated strings) #1747
  • source-endpoint & target-endpoint to specify the intersection/starting/ending points of an edge #1613
  • source-distance-from-node & target-distance-from-node #1599
  • Loop direction style properties #1598

Some notable performance enhancement include:

  • Improve collection creation performance #1741
  • Improve A* performance #1745
  • Improve performance of fitting in animated discrete layouts by calculating only the end state bounding box #1729
  • Don’t recalculate rendered style & animations for display: none elements #1522
  • Several other general and rendering performance improvements milestone:3.1.0 label:performance

There are many other performance improvements and new features. Take a look at the 3.1.0 milestone for the full list.

Thanks for using Cytoscape.js!